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 About Us

The Gourmet Pretzel History

American Gourmet of Snacks LLC, originated in 1981, and was founded on the idea that even something as simple as a pretzel has the potential marketability of a fine gourmet product. With this in mind Robert Jaenicke took a pretzel product and a process and made it his own. The outcome from this creativity is the world's first and finest "gourmet" pretzel. This highly guarded and patented process not only makes this pretzel the best tasting, but also a healthier alternative to others by using all natural ingredients. The process also extends the longevity of the shelf life. (9months)

First, the pretzel was crafted to certain specifications to find the perfect balance of crunch, salt, and absorption rates. Second, the pretzel undergoes the uniquely formulated process that gives them the "addictive" flavor making them unparalleled to any others. Hence, the best tasting mini twist pretzel available today.

This family owned and operated business has spent the last 30-years perfecting this pretzel product to bring to you an original gourmet pretzel with quality in its highest regards. From the family of American Gourmet of Snacks LLC, we hope you enjoy the world's finest gourmet pretzel that melts in your mouth!